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Image Outline Drawing

Clipping path is basically Outline Drawing round an image, with the aid of pen tool. The image is then cut from the original image and pasted over the other background, to provide it a complete look. The trained plus qualified staff of CPI uses software like Illustrator, InDesign as well as Adobe Photoshop for execution this task. Distinct shapes to the image, making the layout and editing the exact part of the image can moreover be done as par your necessities. Clipping path provides superior limits and acuity to an image.The only disadvantage to this is that the ‘stencil’ or ‘mask’ has solid edges, you cannot have a ‘fading’ or else gradual mask as you could with a Photoshop layer. It behaves in the similar way as if you had physically cut up a photo and removed a foreground picture from its background.

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Outline Drawing-Photoshop Clipping Path

PS Clipping Path is an offshore graphic design and image editing house wherever you can get support for your firms with long term relationship at reasonable cost. We tout of a proficient team skilful industry experts who are expert enough to take care of each project professionally and flawlessly.100% gratified quality and a quicker delivery services is our first precedence. We have numerous professional who has over 10 years of experience in graphics design in addition to image editing service. Clipping Path / Background eliminate / Silo is one of the large fields that we providing most assuredly with top excellence to our customers. PS Clipping Path has capability to convey high volume of imageries every day, no matter how numerous images you requisite for editing. Clipping Path / Background eliminate / Silo is very time consuming work wherever no need to spend your valued time, just get a estimate for your imageries and send them over online, PS Clipping Path has loads of proficiency who deal your job assuredly and deliver to you inside time deadline. You are continually free to talk to us concerning job depiction.


PS Clipping Path services are perfect for anybody – from publishing specialists to individuals. Who is in search of submit thousands of imageries or else who simply need work done on a few both are similar to us. Clipping path services costs depends on the amount of pictures, the essential turnaround time in addition to the level of complication.

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If you are in search of a quote for your imageries, PS Clipping Path group every time prepared for you to offer all quotes inside one hour. Just Request a Quotation now and acquire the price inside one hour or less. We hope you would get the best value for your imageries from Clipping Path One.

Clipping paths are mostly used to hide the background of an image or else to totally transform an image into any vigorously likely shape, therefore making the masked section transparent or else to any color background. The chief applications of Clipping imageries are flyers, catalogs, magazines, posters, brochures, e-commerce websites and essentially any field wherever usage of imageries are regular. 

Clipping path service is applied essentially to isolate an object from current background using Photoshop pen-tool, a manual procedure. A clipped object could be used in any background later on. It could be done over some substitute ways like magic wand whatever would not bring out faultless result. Clipping path service lets you have your image removed from current background with all the particulars. There might be sharp edges in an item which cannot be chosen up by the substitute ways however the artist here apply handmade clipping-path using pen-tool that confirms to bring out the particulars perfectly. To another degree, this service can be treated as Outline Drawing also. 

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