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PS Clipping Path is one of the biggest image editing corporations based in Bangladesh, we have been satisfying above 500 clients around the globe with high excellent service and devotion. Our well-skilled dedicated groups of designers are working very firm to make certain that our clients are gratified so, they would be able to endure their extremely paid job and have the proprietor happy. Whose objective is to have a bunch of pleased clients who would stay with us as long as our business subsists? We are trying to base our industry on quality customers only, where we could benefit two things, one we could get well paid and offer better service with a great deal of gratification. We are careless around non quality customers, in the start, it is hard to detect whether the customer is asking for non – quality service or else looking for an inexpensive provider. Some editing suppliers are also in search of cheap firms who are careless around the quality since they don’t know much about excellence and can’t even achieve that. With our extended experience in this field today these days it does not take much time to perceive them.




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Clipping Path Service

Clipping Paths are used to outline stuffs from the background of a picture. These objects are presented a diverse background. A clipping Path, deep etching services is a vector path which permits part of a picture to show whereas hiding the rest efficiently rendering portion of the image translucent. Usually, it means a hard-framed vector masking method that progresses the preferred areas of the image and covers the surplus image elements. PS Clipping Path is an accurate remove background from image permitting company which is considered as to permit at the most reasonable prices and superiority workings within time business as well as at the most reasonable costs.

Cutout Service

The Cut Out Photos industry has experienced a huge growth in the current times. The realm of photography has altered completely thanks the development of technology. The ancient technique of photography has long convert out dated with the forward march of the novel age of photography. Separately from the feature of digital imaging, a main role is being played through the PCs in photography. A photo-software aids in the handling of imageries in as numerous methods as essential. This has ended up in creating the photograph business all the more beneficial

Photo Masking

Making a clipping mask round objects that have blurry or fuzzy edges could often create results which are less than flawless. Our aim at PS Clipping Path is to confirm that every image you send us is finished to the most exacting standard. As such, we offer an image masking service for photographs that are not appropriate for a normal clipping path – providing great consequences to customers who anticipate nothing less. Image Shadow Making Service Our extremely trained graphic designers use the modern Photoshop masking methods to remove backgrounds from imageries such as hair or else the foliage on trees, resultant in sharp and smooth boundaries that look steadily professional. Even if the image you desire to use is set against the most thorough background of dark or else gradient colors, we could separate it from the forefront image whilst keeping high quality plus a fantastic level of detail.

Photo Retouch

Photo Retouch service is flawless for modifying any flaws in your photos, saving you the time and annoyance of re-taking your shot. Pictures got you down? Not fairly happy with how your photographs turned out? Did you take your imageries of something you cannot easily find again or else in a location that is difficult to get back to? Do not worry! PS Clipping Path has your back. PS Clipping Path is devoted to providing the very best Affordable Photo retouching service for each and every scheme we work on. We trust in giving each single one of your imageries the distinct attention it deserves.

Shadow Service

Clipping Paths thru Shadow is a kind of clipping that includes displaying a shadow for a picture. Furthermore, Shadow has four kinds; Drop Shadow, natural shadow, Reflection Shadow, Soft Shadow, and Original Shadow. These shadows enhance a new height to your image. We do this for you at an actual competitive rate. In PC graphics, a drop shadow is a visual consequence consisting of sketch that looks similar the shadow of an object, giving the impress that the item is raised overhead the objects behind it. The drop shadow is frequently used for components of a graphical user interface.

Color Change

PS Clipping Path is an accurate clipping path services permitting company which are considered as to permit at the most reasonable prices and superiority workings within time business as well as at the most reasonable costs. Anybody could use it because professionally or else personally. Presently, graphic design, photo industries, digital photographers, and advertising agencies, catalog companies web design houses, and printing firms are for the most portion to use the clipping path services. The turnaround time for finishing each image typically depends on the difficulty and variability of your image. However our image Color enhancement service efficiently changes the color of the element in a photograph and provide multiple filling to give a brand new appearance to your image.

Multi-Color Path

Multiple clipping path is one of the essential and most popular services for any kind of image editing. It is a vital method for comprehensive editing work for example recoloring, resizing, retouching, substituting any portion of the image, as well as many more. It is a frequently used method throughout image editing service for e-commerce product displays. Multiple clipping paths are one of the most significant services in the photography editing industry which deals with an extensive diversity of online-based businesses. Our professionals have a collective experience of above 30 years. This is very significant. They have handled manifold projects that permit them to have a cutting edge while it comes to functioning on complex multi clipping path projects too.

Ghost Mannequin

The method of changing a genuine photo to generate performance or else idea of our mind’s eye in photograph called Image manipulation. Its make by add more interest, ghost mannequin, edit colors, utilize other proportions or else removing the bad collecting element improving the cost of the images. There’re several photos which represent unbelievable illusion enforced in a practical mode as well as as well damaging results image manipulation. These modified photos are typically proposed to have some magnificent judgment with their audience. Not single for the digital image to highlight numerous attractive details and blending real photos with inspired colors, every sort of injured image may be set with color. With Image manipulation work, white and black imagery can be exchanged in to beautiful and astonishing look on image.

Vector Service

PS Clipping Path is devoted to providing the very best raster to vector conversion service for each and every scheme we work on. We trust in giving each single one of your imageries the distinct attention it deserves. We usage the illustrator pen tool to manually make a vector image. Also, we help you construct the best quality imageries by altering raster to vector with our vector formation software. You could stretch, twist and tweak a vector picture as you please without any degradation. If you wish 3D rendering, your imageries need to be in vector form. Rotate your pictures, move your images, create mirror imageries or else create complex pictures

Photo Editing Services We Offer

Offshore Clipping Path offers a wide variety of services: Clipping Path, deep etching services,  background changer of photo, Photo Restoration and Photo Retouching Service, Background Removal, Image Masking, And Much More! Check Out Our Services Page for More Details.

By providing bulk image editing services, we allow professionals in various industries to focus on their strengths. As a result, our clients find it much easier to grow their business and turn around projects in record time.

Clipping path services help companies showcase their products more effectively. When it comes to fashion, photography, and E-commerce, a large portion of the purchasing decision is based on the presentation. In most cases, this is your photographs.

Images with poor production quality and too many distractions take away from the product itself. Hence, hiring a professional photo editing company allows companies to present powerful, captivating images that make the right impression while highlighting the product or service.

How Clipping Path Company Helps Drive E-commerce Business?

We live in a digital world where business transactions take place from virtually anywhere. Your customers might not be able to see or touch your products in-person before they purchase, they simply rely on photographs to make their decision. As a result, having polished and high-quality images of your products and services helps to make the best impression.
Clipping Path Company

Why Hire a Clipping Path Service Provider?

Suppose, you own e-commerce, and you want to typically furnish your products, offering attractive images to your customers. In that case, the only ideal option is to hire a clipping path service supplier. These services are becoming popular day after another in today’s technology since they are accessible, beneficial, and affordable.

Without further ado, allow me to take you through the valuable benefits of hiring a clipping path service provider.

This process is time-efficient and quickest, and we all know that time is essential in every business. This service offers faster yet helpful services. For example, in many e-commerce websites, it is a must to portray the products on a white background.

However, to enhance the product images quality, most vendors would be utilizing various backgrounds for their product photography. Thus, most vendors targeting to sell their specific products via the internet will appoint this clipping path service provider to eventually change the background effectively and faster.

Generally, this team is professionals in photo editing. It is a company with trained, skilled, and certified employees who will eventually provide the standard and reliable qualitative task. The results are perfect and beneficial.
When your product image appeals to the purchaser’s requisites and needs, visually attractive, then it a win-win. Your sales will automatically increase. As per many and different surveys, when your product images are stunning, the clients can even purchase them at a little higher price.
Any business needs to be trustful, efficient, and quicker to their clients. In most cases, this is easier to be claimed than done, but clipping path service suppliers offer fast, helpful, and affordable customer support. They can never let you down; they will eventually aid you in putting your superlative foot forward via providing top-quality services.
Look no further than clipping path service suppliers when it comes to image editing in your business; they offer faster, reliable, and beneficial services. You now have the valuable benefits you will get from hiring Clipping Path Creative Inc. They will never disappoint.

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Clipping Path Services


The clipping path can be likened to cutting photos out of a magazine—removing the background so only the subject is left in the picture. Our professional editors Manually clipping your photos using a pen tool, which gives us full control on outlining. After carefully outlining the image, everything within the path is retained while the elements outside are deleted. Clipping path often goes by other terms such as deep etching, photo cut-out, image clipping or closed vector shape or path.
Clipping path lets you remove and modify the photo background. Additionally, it also lets you set a transparent background to be used for webpages or to highlight the product photos for e-commerce sites. Manipulating the picture is easier when you clip the subject from the whole image. This gives you the freedom to add a new flair and enhance your images.

We at Clipping Path King meticulously draw the path or outline on the image so that only the subject remains. With great attention to detail, we create a path on the image’s edges to achieve perfect results.

Using Adobe Photoshop and our handy Pen tool, we carefully isolate your desired picture by drawing a line around the desired cut-out to isolate it from the rest of the image.

When the clipping path is made, Photoshop Paths can remove background permanently and convert the path into a reusable portion. If you are exporting the image to InDesign or QuarkXpress, the layout will show an isolated image but whole and with a background in Photoshop.

If you are a professional photographer who has a large batch of product photos that need editing, a clipping path service is perfect for you. Agencies and freelancers can also outsource us for deep etching projects to meet deadlines and send deliverables promptly.

We can also aid e-commerce retailers in creating a clipping path because we know that knowing how to move a needle doesn’t just cut it when you need to clipping path.

Staying under budget and hitting targets isn’t impossible for you if you hire us at PS Clipping Path. We are experts in image editing; your photo cut-outs are in good hands.

A clipping Path is a vector path which permits part of a picture to show whereas hiding the rest efficiently rendering portion of the image translucent. Usually, it means a hard-framed vector masking method that progresses the preferred areas of the image and covers the surplus image elements.

When use a clipping path?

Background Remove service

When not to use a clipping path?

Once we evaluate your photos and find fuzzy or hairy edges, we will discourage you from applying a clipping path on your images. In such cases, advanced image masking is more appropriate.

Photoshop Image Masking Services are Layer Mask, alpha-channel masking, clipping mask services for complex hair and fur image background removal uch cases, an advanced image maskin.

Background remove

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